35. Scio Farms LLC
Contact: Brian & Melanie Fearnside
Address: 39490 Highway 226 Scio, OR, 97374
Email Address:
Phone: 503-394-3996
About Us
We deliver quality products to our local community in Oregon. Enjoy our farm fresh foods, organic products, and grass fed meats, lamb, beef and whole roaster chicken, direct from our family farm. We manage 221 grass-land acres in Linn County, and we are located in the heart of the Willamette Valley in Scio, Oregon. Our grass and hay crops and fruits are high quality. We raise and sell Angus and Hereford beef breeds, as well as registered Katahdin hair sheep -- all grass-fed on open grass-land pastures. We take pride in growing quality farm products for our customers.
We practice being clean, wholesome and honest. We do not modify or preserve any of our products our the farm. We believe there is a holistic solution to any problem and we can accomplish our goals while being environmentally conscious.
Our farm is family-owned, family-operated. We believe in serving your family the way we serve ours - clean food with high quality standards. No commercial hormones, no sprays, no preservatives, no dyes, or additives go into any of our products.
We are registered Katahdin hair sheep breeders and also breed and raise Angus and Hereford beef breeds. We are honest, ever-working, farm producers that use natural alternatives in agriculture to maintain the integrity of the land we plan to pass down to our legacy.