5. Rising Sun Dairy LLC
Contact: Mark & Janina Van Dam
Address: 12092 PARRISH GAP RD SE Turner, OR, 97392
Email Address:
Phone: 503-910-2301
About Us
Family owned and operated, Rising Sun Dairy, milks and bottles A2A2 cows milk. This non-homogenized whole milk is batch pasteurized, and bottled in glass bottles. Chocolate and strawberry flavored milk also available.
We are dedicated to taking the best care of our cows, as we are dependent on their production. This means cow comfort and hoof care, as well as allowing them to pasture graze. Our milk is antibiotic free, we test the milk every time it is processed, in compliance with State regulation. No growth hormones are added to the cow. Our equipment and bottles are are cleaned and sanitized as within State regulation. We are recognized and licensed by the State as a operational dairy, and therefore comply to the regulations and inspections.