25. Brandywine Fisheries
City: Winchester Bay, OR, 97467
Email Address:
Phone: 541-579-5285
About Us
Our Mission:
To bring the finest seafood to our customers by implementing standards that are far above the requirements of any regulatory system. Our tireless efforts to properly handle, care for, process, and deliver our products while they are truly fresh is a distinctive standard employed by our company.

Locally Owned & Operated:
The Brandywine fishing vessel has a long 35- year fishing history on the Oregon coast. This boat was hand-built, in Charleston, Oregon, and remains one of the core, independent boats in Charleston harbor. Our boat still utilizes an "ICE" fish-hold that keeps our fish fresh from the point of catch to the the time the boat docks. Not freezing our catch means we dock more often, and must employ various tactics that ensure we don't bruise the fish while on-board the boat. Additionally, this means we consistently have a fresher product, and are able to provide our customers with the finest "Sushi Grade" products around.

The owner of Brandywine Fisheries lives up the McKenzie river, (as does the rest of our staff) and has been fishing this specific boat for the last 16- years, and brings with them, the long list of company standards established many years before they came along; providing you with a history of having the finest Northwest-Pacific Seafood on the market today.
Bi-Catch Safe:
Simply put, our fishing methods ensure that we safely catch the product we fish for. You can read more about our fishing methods on our website,

Suffice it to say, we care about the sustainable nursery of the Wild- Pacific Ocean, and utilize those methods that allow us to maintain that nursery, and our own integrity.