10. Slippery G Family Farm
City: Monroe , OR, 97456
Email Address:
Phone: 541-740-0214
About Us
We are a mother and daughter that has been producing grass fed lamb for over 45 years; since before “grass-fed” was a trend. In 2012 we decided to move into farm direct sales and offer quality, locally produced grass-fed lamb to a new consumer. In addition we offer free range eggs, and other products from our farm. These items are produced to supply our own tables as well as yours

We believe that animals should be handled and cared for in a humane and sustainable manner. To us this means they are housed and cared for in an environment that is as stress free and as humane as possible. Our operation is not organic and chemicals are used in a limited and targeted basis. We try to utilize farming and irrigation practices that are sustainable and efficient both in cost and labor.

We are located in South Benton County in the community of Monroe on about 40 acres. The flock consists of 35 breeding ewes. Our breeding program has been developed with the selective choices of replacement ewes. We have emphasized fertility, multiple births, mother ability and the carcass quality of the offspring.

In addition to grazing on our own land we also graze small neighborhood plots . We also work with other neighboring farmers to use other feed sources as they become available.

You can follow our efforts on Facebook @ Slippery G Family Farm. I try to post pictures on a regular basis along with lamb recipes and other information. Please “like” us there and keep up with what is happening at the Slippery G! You can contact us at any time about a purchase NOT just at market. Anytime you have a yen for some tasty lamb!