55. Midway Farms
Address: 6980 US Hwy 20 Albany, OR, 97321
Email Address:
Phone: 541-740-6141
About Us
Midway Farms offers a huge variety of fresh fruits & vegetables, jams, jellies, sauerkraut, gluten-free baked goods, eggs, chicken, goose, duck & cut flowers. We are a dedicated gluten-free farm & facility. We have a complete homestead store at the farm with everything you can imagine.
Spray Free Homestead style Heritage Farm!!! Health is our priority! Health for our children, health for ourselves, health for the earth. We use predatory insects to combat the unwanted veggie eaters. We develop our own compost from the farm along with purchasing organic fish & organic chicken fertilizers. We hand weed and pick so no polluting exhaust on your fruits & veggies. We are sustainable & trustworthy to grow the purest food for your family's health.