Territorial Road Orchard
City: Corvallis, OR, 97333
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Phone: 541-224-4447
About Us
Territorial Road Orchard was established in 2005 at an existing orchard that had been planted between about 1950 and 1995. The orchard is part of a 19th century farmstead that was owned by the Smith and Rickard families, and features an 1890 Italianate farmhouse. It is located about 4 miles south of downtown Corvallis on Oregon state highway 99W, which is the old Pacific Highway. Our orchard consists of about 135 trees, and includes a wide variety of apples, pears, and plums, as well as cherries, figs, quince, and grapes. We utilize organic and sustainable practices, though the farm is not yet certified organic. Also included are four small market gardens and a large rose and lavender garden.

Varieties: Apples -- Akane, Fameuse (Snow Apple), Golden Delicious, Gravenstein, Jonathan, King, Newtown Pippin, Winter Banana, Cox's Orange Pippin, Liberty, Golden Russet, Belmont, Whitney crab, Kingston Black, Harry Masters Jersey; Pears -- Bartlett, Red Sensation Bartlett, Bosc, Comice, Summer Blutbirne, Seckel, Calle, Ubileen. Plums -- Howard Miracle, Peach Plum, Italian Prune Plum, Moyer, Cherry Plum, Satsuma. Cherries -- Bing, Montmorency (sour). Quince -- Provance. Grapes -- Interlaken, Beauty, Vanessa, Sweet Seduction; Figs -- Desert King, Lattarula, Texas Everbearing. Recently planted and available in a few years -- Ananas Reinette apple, Spitzenberg apple, Ashmead's Kernal apple, Melrose apple, Wynoochee apple, Wilder Early pear, Aurora pear, Chapin pear, several varieties of grapes.